KWright Studios watercolor paintings and sculptures

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About Me

My Background


I can't remember a time that I did not draw or paint.  It is a gift from God and  passed down from my Mother who always encouraged me to learn and grow in my paintings.  I am self taught, taking workshops or classes here and there to hone my passion in painting and sculpture. 

My Medium


I am a watercolor painter and sculptor.  Watercolor is truly and amazing medium because of the flow and granulation you can achieve that no other paints can quite do.  I have also learned that painting on wood panels I can add watercolor pencil in a scribble technique, which adds a new dimension to the piece and allows me to work in a very large format.

My sculptures are up and coming.  They are bronze busts of  our beautiful dogs that passed and inside the bronze cavity will house the ashes. TRULY a work of passion. 

My Inspiration


I love to tell a story, create a mood or just make people "feel" when they look at my work.  Portraits are one of my favorite things to paint, every face tells a story.  I want to share my gift to the world and in some way capture a moment or image for eternity.